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Company History

Deuce Frame Company was established in 1985 as an offspring of the Deuce Factory.  Deuce Frame Company owner, Carl Fjastad, has been building 1932 Ford frames since 1977. 

While working for the Deuce Factory, Carl built all the ’32 Ford frames (over 200) from 1977 through 1985.  Created in 1976 by Roy and Pat Fjastad, the Deuce Factory grew into a major supplier of high quality parts and suspension kits for 1928 through 1934 Fords.  In order to concentrate on the parts business, Roy decided to separate the frame division in 1985.  Carl, the oldest son, was given the great opportunity to take over the frame business. 

Fast forward to 2008 – Deuce Frame Company owned and operated by Carl Fjastad is expanding.  Besides manufacturing top quality 1932 Ford frames and complete chassis we are now offering a selection of top quality frame parts, brackets, and suspension kits.  We will be adding new parts as they become available, so keep your eyes on us as we grow our new product line.