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You have several options to choose from with Deuce Frame pedal kits; from our double pedal kits to the '32 power pedal kit, which has a mounting bracket designed for use with a power booster. Single pedal kits include a spacer to insert where the clutch pedal is not used. All kits include installation instructions.

1932 Ford Pedal Kits

  • 3239AD - '32 Brake & Clutch Pedal Kit - $165.00
  • 3239PD - '32 Brake & Clutch Pedal Kit - Power - $165.00
  • 3239AS - '32 Single Brake Pedal Kit - $125.00
  • 3239PS - '32 Single Brake Pedal Kit - Power - $125.00
'32 Single Pedal Kit
1932 Single Brake Pedal Kit

'32 Double Pedal Kit
1932 Power Pedal Kit - Has a mounting bracket designed for use with a power booster

Brake pedal and clutch pedal also available separately (does not include the plunger) - $55.00 each

Model 'A' Pedal Kits

    • 2340AD - 'A' Brake & Clutch Pedal Kit - $165.00
    • 3240AS - 'A' Single Brake Pedal Kit - $125.00
Model 'A' Double Pedal Kit
Model 'A' Double Pedal Kit

Brake Pedal Pat
Brake Pad #3238A - $25.00
Our Aluminum Brake Pedal Pad has a waffled rubber insert with a 1/2" fine thread stud.


Brake Pad Mount
Brake Pad Mount #3238M - $17.50
Use our brake pad mount for ease in mounting your brake pad.






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